Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should you buy Ground-Link for your airport?
A. The use of Ground-Link can reduce instrument departure and arrival delays from 10 minutes or greater down to two minutes or less, allowing ATC to open the airport for additional operations, eliminating the need for holds and other delays for aircraft coming to your airport.

Q. Which airports need this system?
A. The airports that need Ground-Link the most are the smaller airports that don't have a control tower but have published instrument approaches. The system can be used to open or close IFR flight plans.

Q. How many numbers can be dialed with Ground-Link?
A. Ground-Link can store a nearly unlimited amount of phone numbers, although 2-4 different numbers are normally used. The pilot activates the Ground-link system by clicking his communication microphone. A typical programming setup might include: 2 clicks to call a local taxi company; 4 clicks to call ATC; 6 clicks to call FSWB Flight Service; and 8 clicks to call the local police.

Q. How reliable is the system?
A. While this technology is new to aviation, it has been used for mobile radio communications since 1987. There are literally thousands of these circuit boards being used today. Avtech has simply adapted the existing technology for the aviation industry.

Q. How costly is the system to maintain?
A. After the initial cost of purchasing the system, the only ongoing cost is the monthly electricity and phone line. While we recommend having a dedicated phone line to Ground-Link, it is not mandatory. Remember, Ground-Link has a 1-year warranty on its system.

Q. Who installs the system?
A. We have a list of installation companies around the country that can install the Ground-Link system for your airport. Just give us a call and we can contact them for you. Installation cost is approxmately $1,500.00.